Flash Mob @ Pink Invitational 2012 (it's a secret)

THANKS FOR HELPING ENCOURAGE AVERY... If you've found this site, then you've joined the group that will be executing a secret flash mob at the Pink Invitational 2012.  Below you'll find a link to download the music, a group video which shows the dances and timing for people to join the mob, and a breakdown of each part of the dances. The Goal is to have 100+ participants wearing the Team Avery green t-shirts. We appreciate your willingness to help show Avery that the gymnastics community supports her! 

Here are a few steps that will help you with preparations for joining in...

        STEP 1: PLEASE LET US KNOW... email josh@ggcteam.com to let us know how many participants you'll have! Remember, it's a secret...only a few clubs have been invited to participate to help get us to the 100+ mark!  
        STEP 2: IT's possibly too late to get an order placed at this times. Rockdale will have Team Avery t-shirts available to purchase at the meet site. ORDER T-SHIRTS... as quickly as possible to make sure you have them by the Pink Invite Meet Weekend. This requires you getting the number of participants (coaches, gymnasts, & parents) who will participate from your club and placing a order through River City Gymnastics (T-shirt Order Form). We would recommend calling (901) 388-3737 and seeing if you can expedite the process. PLEASE DON'T TELL THEM ABOUT THE FLASH MOB...Just let them know you're trying to have the shirts to wear at a meet. Participants will wear their warm-up jackets over the Team Avery Shirt until they join in the flash mob dance. Please don't let the t-shirts be your deciding factor for not participating in the Flash Mob. Everyone having the shirts, however, adds to the overall effect and is a way to give financial support to the family. 

        STEP 3: LEARN THE CHOREOGRAPHY... We're offering a general guideline (see below) for the progression of people adding to the mob. The goal is 100+ participants; so, it's a bit of a guessing game without knowing exactly how many people will participate. Overall, the effect is to have 1/3 for the first part of the Mob and then add until everyone is dancing. 

        STEP 4: BE READY TO HAVE FUN & ENCOURAGE AVERY... We'll get more specific details emailed out as soon as we have them. Currently, the plan is to execute the flash mob Saturday Night at the Level 10 session as soon as the last gymnast competes. For example, the announcer would be telling people to go to awards but be cut off by the music...the first group takes to the floor to start the dance and the remaining groups join in at their music cues. Again, we'll get the details ironed out a little more and get you all updated. 

 Download 2012 Flash Mob Music

Progression for joining Flash Mob Dance... 

 Start at Beginning
Dance 1-5
-College Gymnast Alumni
-2 or 3 outstanding dancers from your club
 Join at "I'm Not Afraid"
Dance 2-5
 Levels 8-10
 Join at "Bust a Move"
Dance 3-5
 Levels 6-7, Excel/PrepOp
 Join at "Jump on It"
Dance 4-5
 Remaining Levels and Parents
Here are the Video Links if you're unable to play the videos from this page...
Dance All with Music
Dance 1 Instruction        Dance 1 with Music
Dance 2 Instruction        Dance 2 with Music
Dance 3 Instruction        Dance 3 with Music  
Dance 4 Instruction & Music
Dance 5 Instruction        Dance 5 with Music     

Flash Mob All.AVI


Dance 1 Instruction.AVI


Dance 1 with Music.AVI


Dance 2 Instruction.AVI


Dance 2 with Music.AVI


Dance 3 Instruction.AVI


Dance 3 with Music.AVI


Dance 4 Instruction and Music.AVI


Dance 5 Instruction.AVI


Dance 5 with Music.AVI